Pakistan Taliban news: Pakistani army deployed to Afghan border to stop Afghan National Army infiltration

Pakistan is also appalled by the growing influence of the Taliban following the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Taliban fighters have captured several advanced border posts with Pakistan. In such a situation, in the face of the growing power of the Taliban, Imran Khan’s government withdrew paramilitary forces from the Afghan border and deployed Pakistani army personnel.

Suppression of paramilitary forces and deployment of the army
The Dawn newspaper quoted Home Secretary Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed as saying that Pakistani Army troops have been deployed to forward positions in place of the Border Police (FC), Lewis Force (forces paramilitaries) and other militias. Meanwhile, the process of withdrawing US and NATO troops from Afghanistan is drawing to a close.

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Government made decision after rising tensions at the border
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said FC Balochistan and other militias working under the Interior Ministry have been withdrawn from border patrols. He said that after the withdrawal of the paramilitary forces, soldiers from the regular army are now stationed at the border. He said this decision was taken in view of the tension that is building at the border.

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Deployment to prevent infiltration at the Pakistani border
Military spokesman Major General Babar Iftikar recently told a television station that the deployment of troops along the border would help prevent the ongoing ground and air fighting in Afghanistan on the Pakistani side. Meanwhile, Pakistani army sources told the newspaper that the biggest challenge under the current circumstances is not only to stop refugees or any infiltrators in their guise, but also to prevent soldiers from l Afghan army and Taliban fighters entering Pakistan’s borders.

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Pakistan wants to help the Taliban
The official said that we saw that in July more than a thousand Afghan soldiers fled to Tajikistan to avoid fighting the Taliban. However, the presence of the Taliban in northern Afghanistan is not as large as in the southern areas bordering Pakistan, so if the Afghan soldiers flee to our border, the Taliban will follow them as well and so this fight will spread. also in Pakistani territory. . Significantly, there is a 2,640 km long border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, of which 90 percent of Pakistan has built a security wall.

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