Pakistan Taliban News: Taliban Relations From Pakistan, Imran Khan Government Sends Ammonium Nitrate To Taliban

Pakistan is attempting to stage a coup in Afghanistan by supplying the Taliban with banned war material and explosives. This serious allegation against the government of Imran Khan was made by none other than the Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh. He asked who is behind the Taliban? Let’s do a little investigation. We are under attack and on the other side of the line is his sponsor. Saleh openly took Pakistan’s name and said he was supplying ammonium nitrate to Afghanistan. By using this, the Taliban are killing our innocent Afghan civilians.

Pakistan equalizes NATO supplies
Saleh said the amount of weapons and explosives sent from Pakistan to the Taliban equals aid to Afghanistan from NATO countries. He said that US NATO is sending us supplies and that NATO is a global alliance. NATO is there because it helps a democracy. Who is now behind the Taliban? On the other hand, how do Taliban supplies match up with NATO supplies? It is not written anywhere. We are looking at this a little more deeply. Betrayal of foreign aid is like a leak in a pipeline or a leaky roof.

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Saleh said – we have to get to the root and fix the problem
The Afghan vice president said that the water droplets are disturbing your house. You cannot do it directly under the roof. You have to climb on the roof to get it right. For the past 20 years, we have tried to prevent droplets from dripping from these ceilings. We have always tried to prevent water from seeping in by painting under the ceiling. We never tried to fix it by climbing. Now we have to fix it the right way.

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Pakistan is the sponsor of the attack in Afghanistan
He said we are under attack right now and on the other side of the line is his sponsor. The roof I am talking about is Pakistan. He said in a stern tone that we were not asking you to do anything in Afghanistan. We have also spoken to the United Nations about it. The murder of Afghans is the work of certain pressure groups. These pressure groups come from Pakistan.

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Pakistan sends ammonium nitrate to Pakistan
Amrullah Saleh said Pakistan is sending ammonium nitrate to our country. It is the only country in the world that supplies explosives like ammonium nitrate to another country. He asked why the embassy of western countries expelled thousands of citizens from our countries? He said this because he was afraid of killing himself. Thanks to Pakistan’s help, to the investment of other countries, to their people, to the lives of our people, everything is in danger.

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Ammonium nitrate used in fertilizers and mining
Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is a white crystalline industrial chemical that is soluble in water. It is commonly used in fertilizers and as an explosive for mining. It acts as an oxidant in the explosion, which increases the strength of the explosion collector. It is also easy to store.

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Ammonium nitrate is not explosive per se
Pure ammonium nitrate is not explosive per se. If it comes in contact with fuel or flammable material, terrible destruction can occur. It can explode even if exposed to extreme heat. The greater the quantity of this chemical stored, the greater the intensity of the explosion.

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The UN has also said ammonium nitrate is dangerous
It is stored in an open and ventilated place. Where water or sunlight does not fall directly on it. Before putting it away, it is also noted that there is no flammable material around it. The United Nations has also classified it in the list of dangerous goods. In such a situation, no country can supply this explosive substance to another country.

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