pakistan temple supreme court: pakistan: collapsed temple

Pakistani Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed learned suo motu of the demolition of a Hindu temple in the hands of the crowd Thursday evening. This temple was demolished by a mob led by local clerics from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The court will hear the case on January 5. Chief Justice Ahmed tasked the chairman of the Minority Rights Commission, the chief of police and the chief secretary of the province to submit the report by January 4.

14 people arrested
The court released the notification that it learned of the incident after meeting with Ramesh Kumar, the chief boss of the Hindu Council in Pakistan. Kumar says, “I believe in the justice system that justice will be done in the case.” At the same time, police arrested 14 people during raids and claimed raids were underway to make further arrests.

Political supporters too
Police are on the lookout for those involved in the incident or who have provoked the crowd. The temple was attacked on Wednesday as the Hindu community obtained permission from the local administration to repair the building. According to eyewitnesses, the crowd, led by the Maulanas, broke into the temple. Supporters of a political party were also included. They were trying to stop the repair work.

The building was set on fire and also damaged by tools used for the construction work. This Samadhi of Shri Paramhans Ji Maharaj Ji is considered very sacred among Hindu devotees and a large number of people reach the place here. Earlier in 1997 he was also attacked here.

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