Pakistan tiktok ban: Pakistan lifts tiktok ban for second time: Pakistan lifts ban for second time

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Pakistan Telecom Authority imposed a ban for the second time in six months on Pakistan due to obscene content; PTA ban requested information on action taken to date, requested increased surveillance
A Pakistani court has lifted the ban on video sharing, China’s popular TikTok app. The court ordered the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to ensure that no unethical content is uploaded there. On March 11, the Peshawar High Court ordered Ticketock banned for allegedly obscene content. This is the second time in the past six months that the ban on Ticketock has been lifted.

High Court gave strict instructions to PTA
In his order, Peshawar High Court (PHC) Chief Justice Kaiser Rashid ordered the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) to be vigilant about uploading obscene material to the app. The court adjourned the case until May 25 and ordered PTA authorities to file a detailed response until the next hearing.

The High Court inquired about the actions taken by the PTA
During the hearing, Rashid asked the PTA agent what steps the authority had taken to remove unethical content from that platform. PTA chief executive Tariq Gandapur told the court Ticketock had been approached to ensure those who shared obscene material were blocked.

Tiktok changed the policy
Pakistani officials at Tiktok said they had improved their content policy keeping in mind the terms of the Imran Khan government, so that there was no proliferation of obscene and objectionable content. Let me tell you, such news started last week that Tiktok absorbed his bag and bed from Pakistan and after India and America now his impulses are not going to melt in Pakistan too, but now news arrives that Tiktok But the ban has been lifted by the Pakistani government.

Tiktok is very popular in Pakistan
This app has been downloaded approximately 39 million times in Pakistan. TikTok has 20 million users in Pakistan and for a year it has been the most downloaded application in Pakistan after Facebook and WhatsApp. A few months ago, faced with a border dispute with China, the Indian government permanently banned Tiktok in the country. Tittock had over 100 million users in India. The United States later banned TickTalk as well.

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