pakistan two finger test: pakistani lahore court rules two finger test as illegal and unconstitutional

The two-finger test carried out so far in the rape and sexual abuse cases has finally been declared illegal and unconstitutional by a Pakistani court. Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ayesha Malik ruled in the case. For a long time, this orthodox practice was opposed by social movements and in March of last year a petition was filed against it.

What is a two finger test?

In this test, the size and elasticity of the private part of the woman are estimated. On this basis, the doctor traces the sexual history of the rape victim. If the woman is unmarried but sexually active, this is considered morally wrong. While giving its verdict on the petition challenging the two-finger test, the court said: “The virginity test has no scientific or medical requirements but was performed in the name of a medical protocol in cases of sexual violence. . ” It is an embarrassing act used to accuse the victim, rather than focusing on the accused.

Repeated victimization

This virginity test was banned in many countries around the world, including India and Bangladesh, but continued in Pakistan. According to the World Health Organization, this test is unethical in itself. Hyman’s investigation should not justify the rape case. This is a violation of human rights, because of this test, not only the victim has to face physical but also mental torture. In a way, it’s like repeating all the oppression with him.

The family leaves hope for justice

This test not only maintains a conservative attitude towards women, but also exposes issues such as child sexual abuse and marital rape. For this reason, many families also give up hope for justice. From the police to the hospital staff, everyone’s attitude is such that it is like a nightmare for the victim. The test is used worldwide by parents of daughters with future partners, even employers.

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