Pakistan: US Embassy tweet about Imran government under Trump pretext, apologizes after heckling – US Embassy in Islamabad in Pakistan tweets about Donald Trump later apologizes

After the presidential election in the United States, President Donald Trump would no longer be in the White House. There was a global eye on these elections and along with them other leaders are targeting themselves as well. However, because of this, the United States Embassy in Islamabad posted a tweet which created a ruckus.

In fact, the embassy retweeted in which Pakistan’s Imran government was targeted under the pretext of defeating Donald Trump. Pakistani MP Ahsan Iqbal tweeted about Donald Trump’s defeat and wrote in the caption: ‘There is also one in Pakistan. They too will soon be shown the way. The tweet was retweeted from the US Embassy account.

After this was disputed, the embassy claimed that someone unauthorized use of the account and made a political tweet that went against embassy policy. The embassy tweeted: ‘Last night the embassy’s Twitter account was used without permission. The Embassy does not promote the posting or retweeting of political messages. Apologies for any kind of confusion that arose from this.

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