pakistan using samjhauta express coaches: samjhauta express

Imran Khan, who carries a loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand rupees on every Pakistani citizen, does not have the money to run his rail. The condition is that the Pakistani railways are not able to pay the salaries of their employees and are forced to privatize. Not only that, this “new Pakistan” of Imran Khan is now busy running his train from Indian coaches.

Pakistan has been using 21 Samjhauta Express bogies for a year and a half and does not return these bogies even after several requests. In fact, the agreement between India and Pakistan was the last express agreement left in Pakistan on August 7, 2019. Samjhauta Express was discontinued on August 8, 2019, after the abolition of the special state of Jammu-et -Cashmere.
Now a loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand on each Pakistani, will Imran Khan accept it by making a poor man?
21 bogies do not return to Pakistan even after a year and a half
For this reason, 11 Samjhauta Express coaches are stranded in Pakistan and an Indian freight train also remains in Pakistan. There are 10 coaches in this freight train. This freight train was sent to Pakistan with the goods. Even after a year and a half, Pakistan does not return these 21 bogies. Reminders have been sent to Pakistan about this on several occasions from India, but the lice are not crawling on their ears.

After the abolition of Kashmir’s special state status, Pakistan’s clumsy minister Sheikh Rashid announced that the Samjhauta Express was canceled. This train service was first launched on July 22, 1976 after Shimla’s agreement. Previously, this train service operated between Amritsar and Lahore, but later it started to run between Attari and Lahore.

Pakistan Railways grapples with poverty, no cash for pay
Pakistani railways are going through a phase of these Bengalis. Pakistani railways have no money and privatization has been forced. Employees protest against privatization. There are 28,000 vacant positions in Pakistani railways, but recruitment is not taking place. Passengers declined during the Corona disaster and the railways do not have enough money to pay salaries and pensions. Many trains have to be stopped due to the reduced number of passengers. According to Dawn’s report, in October of last year, Pakistani railways’ revenues fell by 50%.

Imran Khan puts billions of dollars in debt on Pakistan
The two-year fiscal policy statement states that during the tenure of Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government of Imran Khan, the debt of Rs 54,901 increased on the people. Pakistan’s total public debt as of June 2018 was 120.099 billion Pakistani rupees. In the first year of the government led by Imran Khan, this amount of debt increased by 28% to 33.590 billion rupees, while in the following year it increased by 14%.

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