pakistani army chief vs nawaz sharif: pakistani army imran khan loses his grip on the back by nawaz sharif – nawaz sharif imran khan impact losing his grip pakistani army chief qamar javed bajwa on the back

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Imran Khan loses his grip on power due to the vigorous attack by the opposition led by Nawaz Sharif, this put the Pakistani army in the background and weakened its grip on power, again in the third rally of the PDM, opposition leaders including Nawaz Islamabad remained on the scene
Prime Minister Imran Khan is losing his grip on power and has brought the military to the background due to the vigorous attack by the PDM of the united opposition led by Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan. Alam, is that in this game of maintaining the power of the country, the Pakistani army weakened after a long time. At the third PDM rally held in Quetta on Sunday, the military was once again at the behest of opposition leaders, including Nawaz Sharif.

Nawaz Sharif, during the rally, blamed army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed for the current political situation in the country. Sharif said: “ General Bajwa will give you the answer to the turmoil of the 2018 elections, buying and selling members of Parliament, against the will of the people and abolishing the Constitution and the law, making Imran Niyaji the Prime Minister, pushing people towards poverty and hunger. must give. ‘ He also accused the head of the ISI of “interfering in politics for a few years” in violation of the oath.

Imran government and Pakistani army shocked by rallies
According to the Asia Times report, Nawaz Sharif managed to name after the names of General Bajwa and General Faiz whom he was not against the army. He is against some people. Sharif not only accused the army generals of meddling in politics, but also raised the issue of Balochistan. Nawaz’s daughter also raised the issue of missing persons from Balochistan.

These successful rallies of Nawaz Sharif showed a clear example of the anger of the Imran government and the Pakistani army in Karachi. Pakistani army personnel belatedly kidnapped Sindh’s police chief and forcefully asked him to order Maryam Nawaz’s husband to file an FIR against Safdar. After that, Maryam’s husband was arrested in his hotel room in the morning. After the whole incident came to light, the Pakistani military and government were furiously furious.

Pakistani army and Imran Khan fail on all fronts
On Saturday, the Geo News reporter, who discovered CCTV footage of Safdar’s arrest, was kidnapped. In this footage, the Pakistani Ranger was seen breaking down Maryam’s door. After detaining the journalist for about 22 hours, the government and the Imran army had to release him. The Pakistani army and Imran Khan failed on all fronts and Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz vigorously attacked the army.

The effect of Nawaz and Maryam’s attack is now clearly visible in the corridors of power. The position of the head of the Pakistani army and the head of the ISI became so weak that the opposition parties began to openly criticize him. No matter how strong the Pakistani army general is, he is afraid of public anger. It is believed that even General Bajwa and Faiz will not be able to resist this pressure for long. If both are weak, the Imran government will not be able to target the opposition and journalists. If this continues, the Pakistani military may sacrifice Imran Khan to avoid criticism and save his face.

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