Pakistani army killed CF personnel in attack from Afghanistan: 4 killed, 6 wounded in attack in Afghanistan

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4 Pakistani soldiers were killed and 6 wounded in an attack on behalf of Afghanistan. Pakistani army says Afghan rebels attacked soldiers
The Pakistani military suffered a major setback on Wednesday. In the attack on Afghanistan, 4 of its soldiers were killed and 6 were seriously injured. The statement issued by the Pakistani army indicates that the rebels in Afghanistan attacked the Pakistani soldiers. These jawans then closed the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Pakistani military said 4 soldiers were killed and 6 others seriously injured in the attack. The wounded were sent to the military hospital in Quetta for treatment. Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid strongly condemned the attack. He said this attack is very disappointing. He said the work to close the Afghan border would be completed anyway.
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Pakistan forcibly closes Afghanistan border
In fact, Pakistan is forcibly closing the Afghan border and the local population opposes it. Also last year, the Pakistani military issued a statement saying the rapidly growing attacks on the Pakistani border were being carried out to derail the Afghan peace process. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI openly supports the Taliban in Afghanistan and Taliban militants are playing a bloody game after the United States announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In a suicide bombing at a guesthouse in Afghanistan, 21 people were killed and 90 others were injured. No one took immediate responsibility for this Friday night attack in Pul-e-Alam, the capital of Logar province. It is not known why the guesthouse was targeted. The Afghan Interior Ministry blamed the Taliban for the attack, but the Taliban have yet to say anything about it.

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