pakistani army russian army military exercise: india’s “ friend ” russia train with pakistani army, army reached ravalpindi – pakistani army military exercise with indian friend russian army reaches rawalpindi

The Russian army, which claims an unwavering friendship with India, will conduct exercises with the Pakistani army. The Russian army has reached the Pakistani army headquarters, Rawalpindi, to participate in this exercise. The Russian military will stay in Pakistan for about two weeks and test its combat capability. This exercise by Pakistan and Russia is taking place at a time when there are tensions between India and China in Ladakh.

The Pakistani military issued a statement saying that Russian special forces personnel had arrived in Pakistan. These soldiers will participate in the joint exercise “DRUZHBA-IV” which will be held between Pakistan and the Russian army. The Pakistani military said the purpose of the exercise was to share experiences of action against terrorism. Apart from that, there will be practice of jumping from air to ground and how to solve hostage crisis.

Russia will not give arms to Pakistan
The Pakistani military said this annual exercise between the two countries had been underway since 2016. Earlier this year, Moscow assured Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who visited Russia this year, that ‘he would not give arms to Pakistan. Russia donated half a dozen helicopters to Pakistan, which India opposed. After that, Russia stopped the supply of these helicopters.

Russia is India’s biggest arms supplier. This includes nuclear powered submarines. Russia has also said it will assist India in its broad security interests. This assurance was given by Moscow during a meeting between Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Russian Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigu. Let’s say Pakistan has long wanted to buy weapons from Russia to surround India, but it has not been successful. However, the exercise between the armies of the two countries was regular.

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