Pakistani army soldier arrested for fighting alongside Taliban in Afghanistan Paktia

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Pakistan has given all its might to bring the Taliban to power in Afghanistan Pakistan’s foreign minister, who continually rhetorically speaks in favor of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, now a Pakistani army officer has been taken in Afghanistan waging war on behalf of the Taliban in Kabul
The Pakistani government and its military have deployed all their forces to bring the Taliban to power in Afghanistan. While Pakistan’s foreign minister constantly makes speeches in support of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, a Pakistani army officer is now caught red-handed by the Afghan army fighting alongside the Taliban. This Pakistani soldier had come to wreak havoc in Afghanistan.

According to Afghan media, the Pakistani soldier has been identified as Azim Akhtar. Azim’s father and uncle also served in the Pakistani army. This Pakistani army officer was arrested in Dand Patan district. Akhtar admitted in a conversation with reporters that he was waging war on behalf of the Taliban. Azim Akhtar said the Pakistani army had trained him for a year and a half.
Taliban capture Afghanistan’s Tajik border in biggest move after US troops leave the country
Taliban launch horrific attacks in Afghanistan
The Pakistani army officer said: “I was sent to fight in Kashmir, then in Peshawar and from there to Parachinar where I was sent to a military base. This is where the Taliban were also involved in the attack. Pakistani army officials told Akhtar that there were several Pakistani soldiers across the border who were at war with the Taliban. Pakistan has been helping the Taliban for a long time. He also used it for his own benefit.

A Pakistani soldier was arrested in Afghanistan at a time when the Taliban launched horrific attacks in Afghanistan. The Taliban have captured the main border with Tajikistan in Afghanistan. Officials say security forces have abandoned their posts and some have fled across the border. North of Sheer Khan Bandar in Afghanistan is about 50 kilometers from the town of Kunduz and is the first major area to be occupied by the Taliban since the withdrawal of US forces.

“A captured Tajikistan border checkpoint”
Khaliddin Haqmi, member of the Kunduz Provincial Council, said: “Unfortunately, in the morning, after an hour of fighting, the Taliban captured the port of Sheer Khan and the city and controlled the border posts with Tajikistan. At the same time, an army official said they were forced to leave the border checkpoint and some soldiers crossed the border into Tajikistan. By morning, Taliban fighters were everywhere.

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