Pakistani army soldiers killed: 4 rounds to Pakistani army; 4 soldiers killed in rebel attack

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The Pakistani military suffered a major setback in the troubled South Waziristan region of the country. 4 Pakistani soldiers were killed in a fierce rebel attack in southern Waziristan. Pakistani military released statement claiming to have killed 4 rebels as well
The Pakistani army suffered a major setback in the troubled region of South Waziristan. Four Pakistani soldiers were killed in a fierce rebel attack on a checkpoint in southern Waziristan. It is said that the attack took place Thursday evening. The Pakistani army also claimed to have killed 4 rebels. This checkpoint is at the border of Afghanistan.

The Pakistani army issued a statement saying that a search operation had been launched to catch the rebels. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s chief minister, Mahmud Khan, condemned the attack. Earlier this month, two soldiers were killed and four others wounded in clashes with rebels in northern Waziristan. It is said that the area in which this attack took place is filled with mountains and the rebels are hiding after attacking.
20 soldiers killed in terrorist attack, who are the ones who inflicted such a huge wound on the Pakistani army?
Pakistani army claimed to have eliminated terrorists
The Pakistani military claimed a few years ago that it had eliminated terrorists like the Pakistani Taliban from the region, but it did not. Insurgent groups continue to target the Pakistani army. Just a few months ago, militants from Balochistan province attacked a convoy of Pakistani oil and gas workers heading to the safety of Pakistani paramilitary forces, in which 14 soldiers were killed.

Before this attack, another military convoy from North Waziristan was targeted by the rebels. Six soldiers, including a Pakistani army officer, were killed in the attack. The military said in a statement that militants targeted the military convoy through IEDs near the Rajmak region in North Waziristan.

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