Pakistani army soldiers killed in northern Waziristan: Pakistani army killed, three soldiers killed in Waziristan

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Three soldiers were killed in a bitter clash between the army and insurgents in Waziristan, Pakistan. In this area, the Pakistani army lost its soldiers for the second time in three days. On the other hand, Indian troops have given an appropriate response to the Pakistani army in Jammu and Kashmir.
Three soldiers were killed in a fierce confrontation between the army and the rebels in Pakistan’s Waziristan province. In this area, the Pakistani army lost its jawans for the second time in three days. In contrast, the Pakistani army, which was bombing in violation of the continued ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir, had to face the overwhelming action of Indian soldiers. A Pakistani army soldier was killed in this case.

The Pakistani military issued a statement saying three soldiers were killed during an encounter with rebels in the tribal region of North Waziristan. The military said based on intelligence information from the first incident, Pakistani troops conducted two operations in North Waziristan in which two suspected rebels were killed. During this time, the rebels started firing hard and 3 soldiers were killed.
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Army launches search operation to apprehend rebels
According to the Dawn report, rebels stormed a security checkpoint in the Spinwam area of ​​northern Waziristan just two days ago, killing two soldiers and injuring one. Officials said the heavily armed rebels attacked Tuesday evening, firing fiercely between the two sides. The army said the army had launched a search operation to catch the rebels.

In the meantime, Indian troops gave an appropriate response to the Pakistani army, which was leading the provocative action with continued shelling in Jammu and Kashmir. A Pakistani soldier was killed in this action. The Pakistani military said a Pakistani soldier died after being shot dead in LoC’s Deva sector. The Pakistani jawan slain has been identified as Gujar Khan.
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14 soldiers killed by militants in Balochistan province
Just days ago, militants attacked a convoy of Pakistani oil and gas workers guarding Pakistani paramilitary forces in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, killing 14 soldiers. Pakistani officials said seven employees of the Pakistani oil and gas development company were killed in the attack by militants. Apart from this, 6 Pakistan Frontier Corps soldiers guarding the convoy were also killed.

Insurgents killed Pakistani soldiers in Waziristan

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