Pakistani arrested for pushing up moving door video goes viral

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Murdan police arrested accused Laddoo Khan after the video went viral after he grabbed the door of a moving car in Pakistan.
Keeping the doors of a moving car in the Mardan region of Pakistan has cost a Pakistani dear. Mardan police arrested accused Laddu Khan after the video went viral. Police said Laddoo Khan was arrested on Friday for doing push-ups while holding the doors above the moving car.

Video shared on social media shows the accused holding and pushing the doors of the car, defying traffic rules. Not only that, he shared the video of this incident on social media. Not only that, some people sitting in the car were praising him. The traffic police arrested him for reckless driving.

The accused Laddu Khan was arrested by the police on the orders of the Mardan district policeman, Dr Zahidullah. Not only that, the police also confiscated Laddoo Khan’s car. Police said no one would be allowed to break traffic laws and that strict action would be taken against such elements. It is not yet clear why Laddoo Khan did this fatal push-up. Her video is now being shared relentlessly on social media.

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