Pakistani attack on journalist: Pakistani government attack on journalists Hamid Mir Asma Rizvi

The government of Imran Khan of Pakistan is accused that journalism is suppressed in the country. Journalist and political commentator Asma Shiraji is also targeted after famous journalist Hamid Mir was taken off the air. Hamid Mir made remarks against the country’s army, after which action was taken against him. Indeed, journalist Asad Toor, critic of the army, was attacked by unknown assailants, after which Hamid Mir questioned the army.

“Threatened family”
Reporting on the matter, Mir, who hosted ‘Capital Talk’ on Jio TV for nearly 20 years, said he anticipated the possibility of a ban. He said he had been banned twice in the past, had lost his job twice, had been attacked several times but “couldn’t help but raise his voice. for the rights granted by the constitution “. He said that this time he will go to a point because “they (the army and the ISI) are threatening my family”.

have faced several times
After Mir’s remarks, several complaints were filed against him and the host of the “Faisla Aapka” news show Shiraji on Aaj News in two days. Shiraji, who is the victim of the attacks, tweeted: “Faced several times with threats and pressure. Musharraf, who was banned in 2007, threatened treason and faced coercive tactics. Truth comes at a price. Shiraji has also faced actions in the government of Imran Khan and already Nawaz Sharif.

“If the violence doesn’t stop …”
Shiraji and Mir also accused the government of being responsible for the attack and the suppression of journalists’ voices. “We (reporters) will start naming people we don’t even know if the violence against the media continues,” Shirazi said during protests against Assad’s attack. At the same time, 147 female journalists opposed Hamid Mir’s dismissal and called on the government to lift the pressure on journalists. Support was also expressed with Shiraji by issuing a statement.

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