Pakistani child driving SUV viral video: Watch: Pakistan 5 year old drives SUV, video goes viral

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Driving a 5-year-old’s SUV in Pakistan created a ruckus, the video of this Pakistani child is shared fiercely on social media, now police in Multan, Pakistan are searching for the child’s parents.
Driving a 5-year-old SUV in Pakistan created a ruckus. The video of this Pakistani child is shared fiercely on social networks. Pakistani police are now looking for the child’s parents. This video says that Multan is owned by the city, which is the seventh largest city in Pakistan. The video shows a child driving a black Toyota Land Cruiser.

According to World News, this Pakistani child is around 5 years old. This child’s video is now widely shared on social media. The child is seen in the video as he stands on the busy Busan road in the city to break and reach for the material. No adult is present in the SUV vehicle with him. Surprisingly, the child was not stopped at any checkpoint.

Finding Parent Child
After this video went viral, the police took action and the child’s parents were searched. On the other hand, people are very upset after watching the video. At the same time, there is growing concern about the behavior of children at a very young age. A large number of people sharply criticized the child’s parents in commenting. He said that the lives of many people were in danger because of the parents’ mistake.

One user wrote: “This is really madness, this is more than being irresponsible. Leave the family to the people around, even your child is not worried. Another user wrote: “My mind was amazed after seeing this. A police officer said instructions had been given to search for the child’s parents.

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