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A few days ago, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, famous for his English, reported an error in a Pakistani civil service queshan newspaper. Tharoor had come for a lot of discussion there by making a mistake in the document which is considered the most difficult in the country. Now a comedian based in Karachi made a video and explained how he could speak English like him.

Pakistani commander Akbar Chaudhary’s video is widely shared these days. In this, like Tharoor, he does fun activities to learn English. Sometimes he drinks the juice from the Oxford Dictionary and sometimes delivers a video of Tharoor as a drip. Finally, he is fluent in English like Tharoor who really does dubbing.

Akbar’s videos are highly regarded and shared on social media. People also praise Akbar and describe him as the best way to learn English.

Queshan paper

Previously, the Pakistani CSS issue paper was shared on social media. The person who shared it, tagged Shashi Tharoor, wrote: “This year’s CSS paper can only be written by Shashi Tharoor.” Shashi’s response to this message made people laugh. Tharoor replied on the post- “I never heard bericloge myself!” Do you think it is not a mistake when writing crafts? His response was well known on social media.
Shashi Tharoor made a mistake in Pakistani Civil Service tuff paper, people said: ‘This is what remains to be seen’

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