Pakistani fisherman from Gwadar caught rare croaker fish weighing 48kg off coast of Jewani

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In Gwadar, Pakistan, a fisherman caught a rare fish on the Javanese coast, it is said that the cost of this fish weighing 48 kg is 72 lakh rupees.
They say you can’t tell when a person’s fate will turn. Something similar happened with a fisherman from Pakistan. A fisherman caught a rare fish in the Arabian Sea off Jewani, in the Gwadar region of Pakistan. It is said that the cost of this fish weighing 48 kg is Rs 72 lakh. This fish belongs to the Croaker species, which is said to be very rare.

The owner of the thousands of rupees worth fishing boat, Sajid Haji Ababakar, told the Dawn newspaper that when the fish were caught, the boat was being commanded by Wahid Baloch, a resident of Pishkan. In contrast, Ahmed Nadeem, deputy director of fisheries affairs, Gwadar, confirmed that he had never seen a more expensive fish than this.

Strong demand for giant croaker in China and Europe
This fish, weighing around 48 kg, was sold for Rs 72 lakh. Abakar said that once at the fish auction, its price reached Rs 86 lakh. He said: “We have given discounts to our customers and, following this tradition, we have fixed the price of fish at Rs 72 lakhs. Pakistani marine biologist Abdul Rahim Baloch said demand for giant croaker is very high in China and Europe.

“This rare fish is valued because of its meat,” said Bloch. The parts of this fish are used for medicine and surgery. Some time before that, a fisherman named Abdul Haq had caught a croaker fish. This fish was sold for seven lakh 80 thousand Pakistani rupees. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the fishing community after meeting this fish.

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