Pakistani Foreign Minister’s Antisemitic Insult: Pakistani Foreign Minister Gets Angry With Israel, Anchor Stops Talking

The famous Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, for his courage, has been greatly insulted in America. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who arrived in the United States to surround Israel at the United Nations, gave a live interview to CNN television. In this, Qureshi used imprinted street language against Israel without concrete evidence. CNN’s anchor gave him a shovel. Video of this whole incident is now going viral on social media. Let’s know the whole thing …

In an interview with CNN presenter Bianna Golodaryaga, Pakistan’s foreign minister said: “Israel is losing.” Even after his connections, he loses in the media war. At this, Bianna asked what type of relationship you are talking about. To this, Qureshi replied, “Hahaha Deep Pocket”. The Pakistani foreign minister said the Israelis are very efficient and control the media.

Bianna circled Qureshi’s racist statement and said, “I consider this to be an anti-Semitic comment.” When Bianna surrounded Qureshi, he began to say that there was such a perception of the media. After that, when the CNN presenter raised the issue of atrocities against Uighar Muslims in China, he began to address the issue. Qureshi has said he will not comment publicly on the matter.

After that, the Pakistani foreign minister tried to push the issue towards Kashmir. Qureshi is now being trolled on social media for his statement. Previously, Qureshi had called on the UN Security Council to end the violence in Palestine. He said the time had come to say enough is enough. Qureshi arrived in the United States with his Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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