Pakistani girl forced to convert to Islam: kidnapping of innocent Christian child in Pakistan, forced marriage after conversion

Christian child Fatima (name changed) was abducted from her home in Faisalabad on June 25 last year in Pakistan. Fatima’s father and other family members were kidnapped in front of them, but there was nothing they could do. The kidnappers warned that if they tried to regain Fatima, they should repent. Fatima was coerced into Islam and her marriage to the kidnapper was also forced.

According to the BBC, Fatima’s father went to a nearby police station to record an FIR regarding the crime. The family also named the name of an abductor, but the police did not help them. The police not only refused to cooperate with Fatima’s father, but also mistreated and mistreated them. After much effort, the police registered the case after three months.

The kidnappers behaved like slaves
Even after registering the case, police in Faisalabad took no action. The child was taken 110 km from her home and raped. The kidnappers treated him like slaves. The child said most of the time he was tied with chains and asked to clean the abductor’s house.

Christians constitute one percent of the total population of Pakistan, or about 20 lakh. Human rights organizations claim that 1,000 Christian, Hindu and Sikh girls are abducted each year. Most of these girls are forced to adopt Islam. The reason is that it is believed in Pakistan that according to Sharia law, if a boy and a girl are 16 years old, they can get married. For this reason, Fatima was converted.

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