Pakistani Hindus Celebrate Diwali, Say Celebrate Festivals With Color, Not Blood

The Hindu community, facing repression from Pakistani fundamentalists in the name of Ishaninda, celebrated Diwali with all fervor in the country’s financial capital, Karachi. Hindus followed protocol with the spread of the corona virus epidemic in mind. During this time, a special worship took place in the temples of Karachi and people burned lamps. The temples were specially decorated with electric crowns for Diwali.

‘Play with colors instead of playing festivals with blood’

Pooja, who lives in Pakistan, said: “Diwali is celebrated with a festive festival of cheeses, skirts and firecrackers. You can see that children, young people and the elderly are all celebrating Diwali today. He said that we too have come here to celebrate Diwali and enjoy Rangoli. So I believe that instead of playing with blood, it is better to play festivals with colors. The famous Swami Narayan temple in Karachi was decorated with electric welt.

Imran Khan congratulated the Hindu community on Diwali

Geeta Kumari, who lives in Karachi, said, “We celebrate Diwali by following protocol. In the meantime, we pray to God that the corona epidemic will be eliminated as quickly as possible. Earlier, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday congratulated the country’s Hindu minority community on the festival of lights, Diwali. He offered his best wishes in a written message on Twitter. Imran Khan wrote: “Happy Diwali to all our Hindu citizens”.

Atrocities in the name of blasphemy with the Hindu community

Geo News reported that special worship services are being held in temples and sweets are being distributed among the population. People from the Hindu community would light diyas at night and celebrate the festival by burning firecrackers. According to reports, Diwali was also celebrated in Karachi, Lahore and other cities besides Matiyari, Tando Allahyar, Tando Muhammad Khan, Jamshoro Badin, Sanghar, Hala, Tanda Adam and Shahadpur. Hindus are the largest minority community in Pakistan and according to official estimates there are around 75 Hindu lakh in the country. In Pakistan, atrocities on Ishaninda’s name are frequently reported with the Hindu community. The Hindu community wants to build a temple in Islamabad but does not allow radicalization.

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