Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed admits country is harboring Taliban families

Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s outspokenness made a shocking revelation that families of Afghan Taliban militants live in different regions, including famous neighborhoods in the capital Islamabad. Not only that, sometimes they are also treated in local hospitals. After this statement by Minister Rashid, once again Pakistan is badly surrounded by the Taliban.

Pakistan has consistently rejected claims by Afghan leaders that the Taliban are using Pakistani soil to direct and advance insurgent activities in Afghanistan. “Taliban families live here in the Pakistani regions of Rawat, Lohi Bher, Bahara Kahu and Tarnol,” Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said in an interview on Pakistani private television station Geo News on Sunday.

The areas mentioned by the Minister would be the famous suburbs of Islamabad. “Sometimes the bodies of their (fighters) are taken to the hospital, sometimes they come here for treatment,” Rashid told the Urdu channel. Pakistan has often been accused of harboring and supporting Afghan Taliban militants who have been fighting the Afghan government for two decades. It is rare for a senior Pakistani minister and senior politician to accept it.

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