Pakistani jihadists join the Taliban

US, Pakistani and Afghan leaders warn of an upcoming civil war in Afghanistan, but many Pakistani jihadists have already reached Afghanistan. Many of them came back like corpses. The Taliban have stepped up their bloody campaign after the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. To help the Taliban, a large number of “students” of Pakistani madrasas joined the terrorists.

The bosses of these madrassa students called this war jihad. Not only that, clerics are rallying support across Pakistan. Many are also those who collect donations for the Taliban. The Pakistani government has denied that any jihadists from its country have visited Afghanistan, but the bodies of a large number of Pakistani terrorists are returning from the Shaman-Spin Boldak and Torkhum border.
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A large number of people witnessed the last rites of the jihadists
Residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces said large numbers of Pakistanis have been killed in Afghanistan in recent months while fighting with the Afghan army alongside the Taliban. He said a large number of people attended the last rites of these Pakistani jihadists. In mid-July, 22-year-old Abdul Rashid was buried in a suburb of the city of Peshawar.

Rashid traveled to Afghanistan for the jihad in May and was recently killed in Nangarhar province. His body was brought to Pakistan through the Torkhum border. Thousands of people attended his funeral. He congratulated Rasheed’s family that their son was sacrificed in the way of Allah. Rasheed’s uncle Maruf Khan said his nephew was an inspiration to young people.
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Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid also agreed
In Balochistan, jihadists are often buried in areas dominated by the Pashtuns and prayers are offered for them. A local resident said: “There is often a burial process. Meanwhile, Taliban militants argue and congratulate the family of the murdered youth. Many of these videos have gone viral on social media in which thousands of people are seen with white Taliban flags. Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid also admitted that the bodies of many terrorists are coming to Pakistan.

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