Pakistani man fourth marriage: a Pakistani man wants to marry for the fourth time with the help of three women, has only one condition – a Pakistani seeks a fourth woman with the help of his other three wives has one condition

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After three marriages, a man in Pakistan is now looking for a girl for his fourth marriage, the funny thing is that his other three wives are fully involved in the work of this fourth marriage, for this marriage, the Pakistani groom gave a strange condition, which became the subject of Islamabad discussion
In a one-of-a-kind incident, a man in Pakistan is now seeking a girl for a fourth marriage after three marriages. The funny thing is that his three other wives fully help in this task. However, the Pakistani groom put a strange condition on this marriage. The Pakistani man said his fourth wife’s name should be in English S.

According to a report by Gulf Today News, this Pakistani named Adnan is from Sialkot. It is said that Adnan’s first marriage took place at the age of 16 while studying. She married for the second time at the age of 20. Last year, Adnan married for the third time. Adnan, 22, said his fourth wife will have to meet him first.

5 children of Adnan’s three wives
Adnan said that the name of the fourth wife should also be the same name as the other wives Shumbal, Shubana and Shahida. Adnan has 5 children from three wives. Three children are with the first wife Sumbal and two children Shubana. One of Shubana’s two children is adopted by Shahida. In an interview with the Pakistani newspaper Daily Pakistan, Adnan revealed how he spends three wives.

Adnan said he lived in a 6 bedroom house. He reveals that his three wives live in harmony with each other. They take turns taking care of me. One woman cooks and the other BB cleans the clothes and the third BB polishes the shoes. He said he spends one to one and a half lakh of Pakistani rupees every month. However, Adnan doesn’t care about this expense. Adnan claimed his fortune had shone since his first marriage.

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