Pakistani Mini Sub: Satellite Image Of Pakistani Navy Mystery Submarine At Karachi Naval Base

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Satellite image of the Pakistani Navy secret mini submarine surfaced, seen standing for repair at Karachi Naval Base This secret submarine used for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering PakistanIslamabad
The first photo of the Pakistani Navy’s secret mini-submarine has finally been revealed. Pakistan has been hiding this intelligence weapon from the eyes of the world since 2016. Now this submarine has been seen in the dry dock of the Karachi naval port. No cover was put on the submarine brought in for repair. During this time, the satellite crossing the sky clicked on the image of this mini submarine.

photo taken during repair
This image was posted by the open source intelligence Twitter account @detresfa_. This photo shows a mini submarine parked at the Naval Dry Dockyard in Karachi, Pakistan, from a great height. The handle also shared a link in its caption. In which some information has been given about this submarine.

A glimpse of this submarine was also seen earlier
HI Shuton, an expert in monitoring the world’s navies, has talked a lot about this submarine on their Covert Shores website. According to Shooton, the submarine was seen in a video of the Pakistan Navy SEALs course fainting parade held at PNS Iqbal Naval Base in Karachi on January 14, 2020.

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stationed at Karachi Naval Base
PNS Iqbal, based in Karachi, is also the headquarters of the Pakistani Special Forces (SSG) naval wing. This is the same naval base that was destroyed by the Indian Navy in the 1971 war. This naval base has been the backbone of the Pakistani Navy in all the wars against India. Being the closest to India, Pakistan has kept many of its deadly weapons and warships stationed at the Karachi Naval Base.

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This submarine is 55 feet long
This submarine is much smaller than the others. Its length is 55 feet and its roundness is approximately 5 to 7 feet. Like the other submarines, it also has a location for firing torpedoes. This submarine was first seen in 2016. In Pakistan Defense Production Division’s book, it was described as being built on native technology.

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Why is there a threat to India?
This mini submarine from Pakistan is very small in size. In such situation, it can easily infiltrate into the Indian Sea area. Being small, even sonar systems and radar cannot easily capture it. However, it can only perform tasks such as intelligence and area reconnaissance missions. With this, Pakistan cannot accomplish any major mission. It can gather intelligence by entering narrow areas.

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