Pakistani MP Maulana Chitrali says he dropped nuclear bombs for the independence of Palestine and Kashmir: two atomic bombs dropped for Pakistani MP

Strong points:

Amid an Israeli attack on Palestine, Pakistan reached Turkey with the excuse of Palestinian Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who conspired with Turkey, to meet with President Erdogan, who dreams of becoming a Khalifa from Muslim countries to Islamabad.
In the midst of the Israeli attack on Palestine, Pakistan began to conspire with its boss, Turkey. The Pakistani foreign minister arrived in Turkey with the excuse of Palestine and met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who dreams of becoming the Khalifa of Muslim countries. Meanwhile, Pakistani MP Maulana Chitrali told the Imran government that jihad is the only solution against Israel.

In her speech to Parliament, Maulana Chitrali said the government should not hesitate to use nuclear bombs and missiles for the independence of Palestine and Kashmir. Chitrali said, “Did we make atomic bombs to see in the museum? If we can’t make Palestine and Kashmir independent, then we don’t need a missile, a nuclear bomb, or a huge army.

Attack on Palestine, Pakistan and Turkey present an opportunity
In fact, Pakistan and Turkey are taking Israel’s attack on Palestine as an opportunity. Pakistan, which is fighting the Bengalis, has now announced that it is sending aid to Palestine Corona. Turkey and Pakistan hope that through this they can win the sympathy of Muslims all over the world. In addition, they will be able to prove themselves as the leader of Muslims.

Let us tell you that during the attacks between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Palestinians in Israel and its occupied areas went on strike on Tuesday. They took this step as collective action against Israeli policies. Israel carried out several airstrikes against extremists in Gaza on Tuesday and toppled the six-story building, while extremists fired large numbers of rockets into Israel. The conflict between the two has been over for a week and there is no sign of stopping the war.

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