Pakistani Muslims: Why Muslim Uran Is Silent About China’s Uigar Muslims Pakistani Media Questions Raised – Pakistani Media Questions Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Silence On China’s Uyghur Muslims In Attack On France

Highlighting Pakistan’s dual intent, its own media began to raise questions. Pakistan, which taught France about religious freedom, has remained silent on the plight of Uighar Muslims in China. Pakistani journalist Kuan Khulene Shahid says that the number of minority religious places in the country has declined in recent years.

‘Calm on Uigars’
Shahid referred to statements by the Pakistani government and Prime Minister Imran Khan against French President Emmanuel Macron over the Prophet Mohammed cartoon. He wrote: “Pakistani rulers are more interested in Muslims in France and they keep silent on Uigars with great ease. They do not see that Islam is progressing in France. There were 33 mosques in the country in 1971 and today there are 2,500 ”.

‘Why do a conference in France’
Shahid wrote that it is pathetic that Pakistan cannot follow this intolerance towards other religions, the number of religious places of minorities in Pakistan has decreased in recent years. He asked himself: “Despite religious discrimination against Ahmadis and the conversion of a thousand people to Islam each year, Pakistan believes that it can lecture France on religious freedom, why?”

Minister shared fake news
Significantly, the Minister of Human Rights in Imran Khan’s government, Shiriz Mazari, shared the link to a fake news, which itself was denied by the French Embassy in Pakistan. In the tweet Mazari claimed, Muslim children in France would be given an identification number so that they could be identified. Mazari compared it to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis.

Such rules also in Muslim countries
Upon learning of the error, Mazari deleted the tweet but wondered that in public places Christian sisters should be allowed to wear their “ habit ” (clothes) so why can’t Muslim women wear the hijab? Shahid says Mazari ignores the fact that religious marks are banned in public institutions in France. Shahid also said that the things France is targeted for, these things are already done in Muslim countries, like government control over mosques and imams.

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