Pakistani NSA Moeed Yusuf Says We Don’t Have Capacity To Host More Afghan Refugees: Pakistani NSA Says His Country Lacks Capacity To Host Afghan Refugees

Pakistan, which started the war in Afghanistan by giving arms to the Taliban, is now frightened by the influx of refugees. Pakistan’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Moeed Yusuf called on the international community to create safe areas for displaced people in war-torn Afghanistan. He said that these refugees should not be pushed to Pakistan which is not able to accept more refugees.

Call to stop refugees inside Afghanistan
Visiting the Pakistani NSA, Moeed Yusuf told the Pakistani embassy in Washington that his country is working to ensure that tensions in Afghanistan do not lead to further bloodshed. But, if such a situation arises, it behooves the international community to create safe zones in Afghanistan.

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The Pakistani NSA said why should they be forced to roam door to door? Arrangements must be made for their stay in their country. Pakistan does not have the capacity to accommodate more refugees. Yusuf described the US government policy as practical and no regrets, but not arrogant. At the same time, he called on people not to look at the big picture and the all-encompassing headlines.

Why did Pakistan suddenly take refuge in America? NSA Moeed Yusuf meets Jake Sullivan
The head of the ISI also in America, visited China a few days ago
It should be noted that the Pakistani NSA and the Director General of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Faiz Hameed, came to Washington on July 27 to discuss Afghanistan and bilateral relations with his American counterpart. The ISI chief left his home on Friday after speaking with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan at the White House. Other security officials from both countries also attended the meeting.

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Pak admits – limited influence over the Taliban
Yusuf also disagreed with claims that Pakistan has an influence over the Afghan Taliban through which they can do things they don’t want to do. He said that we have minor influence over them and that our influence would have been such that they would have done what they said. Thus, we would have prevented the demolition of the Bamiyan Buddha statue in the 1990s. We would at least have convinced the Tehreek-e-Taliban to drive out Pakistan.

America will maintain contact with Pakistan
Yusuf said that at the first meeting between NSAs of the two countries, it was agreed to maintain bilateral contacts. He said that of course the issue of Afghanistan is the most important and the most urgent, but this conversation was about moving forward on other issues. This week’s meeting was part of a process review.

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There will be no big change in US-Pakistan relations
The Pakistani NSA said it shouldn’t expect a revolution in Washington-Islamabad relations overnight, as the meetings aimed to remind countries that the focus is on the facts and that there is an agreement on how to proceed. He said Pakistan does not have the opportunity to engage in “ifs” regarding the Afghanistan issue, as any incident in Kabul will have a direct impact on Islamabad.

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America will use Pakistan in Afghanistan
When asked if Pakistan and the United States would continue to work as partners, he said the desire had been expressed on both sides and discussions had taken place on how this would happen. He said the United States understands that Pakistan can help achieve a political settlement in Afghanistan and is now discussing ways to do so. He said: “The most important thing is political understanding, the rest will automatically adapt to it. Yusuf also rejected claims that Pakistan accepted travel documents issued by the Taliban as valid documents.

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