Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Does Not Allow CIA To Use Bases In Afghanistan Taliban Al-Qaeda Will Take Power

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan denies CIA permission to build drone base US forces withdraw from Afghanistan, CIA wants to build CIA drone base
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan refused permission for the US intelligence agency CIA to build a drone base in the country. This statement by Imran Khan is now the subject of discussion around the world. In fact, US forces are returning from Afghanistan and the CIA was trying to build an intelligence base in Pakistan and continue to target Al Qaeda and other terrorists in Afghanistan. Imran ruined these CIA plans.

The problem for America is that Pakistan is the only country adjacent to Afghanistan where the CIA can establish its base. Russia has influence in other countries like Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. At the same time, America has strained relations with Iran, another neighbor of Afghanistan. In such a situation, America now has no choice but to advocate with Pakistan.
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Why a haunted place for the CIA, why is Imran afraid
Despite strained relations with Pakistan, the United States has carried out hundreds of drone strikes against the Taliban and al-Qaeda using Pakistani soil. This too when the Pakistani army has very close ties with the Taliban. When Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan won the election, he announced that he would no longer allow the CIA or US forces to use his land.

In fact, Imran Khan fears that if he allows America to build a military base to attack the Taliban, Muslim fundamentalists will flare up and overthrow his government. Because of this fear, Imran does not allow America to become a drone base. Earlier, US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan said the United States was having constructive talks with Pakistan so that Afghanistan did not become a terrorist base again.

Afghanistan can become a haven for terrorists: CIA
CIA Director William Burns warned that after America’s pullout, the terrorist organizations Al Qaeda and ISIS are expected to strengthen again. He said that with the withdrawal of the army, our intelligence gathering capacity will also be reduced. It’s a reality. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also said al Qaeda and ISIS will join forces to attack US soil within just two years. Faced with this threat, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani recently declared that America would now play a very minor role. The issue of peace or conflict is now in Pakistan’s hands.

America failed in Afghanistan: Karzai
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Sunday that the United States came to his country to fight extremism and bring stability to the country, but is returning after nearly 20 years of failure. Karzai said this in an interview weeks before US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces left the country. He said fundamentalism was at its “peak” and the soldiers were leaving, leaving the country in disrepair. Karzai said: “The international community came here 20 years ago and its clear aim was to fight fundamentalism and bring stability to the country … In this way, they proved to be unsuccessful. The legacy they leave is a total shame and devastation.
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Karzai said: “As Afghans we all accept our failures, but what about the larger forces and the forces that have come here for this specific purpose? Where are they leaving us now? He himself answered this question “in utter humiliation and in a devastated state”. Karzai, who was in power in the country for 13 years, has never had cordial relations with America. Discussing the situation in the country, he said he wanted the foreign soldiers to leave his country and the people of the country to be united for peace and need to take responsibility for their future. He blamed the United States for the fighting in Pakistan, where the Taliban leader is located, and said it was up to the Afghan people to end decades of war.

“Pakistan must stop the plot against Afghanistan”
Regarding Pakistan’s military and civilian leadership, Karzai said Afghanistan wants a “civilized relationship …” will have a very fruitful relationship for him. On different sides of Afghanistan, Karzai said: “I am very clear that both sides should be thinking about the life and property of the Afghan people… the fight is a disaster. “The Union of Afghans is the answer … We have to understand that this is our country and we have to stop killing each other,” he said.

Imran Khan helps reign Taliban power

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