Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan offers peace to India

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has now offered peace to India amid a fierce attack from the opposition led by Islamabad Nawaz Sharif. In this peace proposal, Imran Khan also echoed Kashmir and said he had a condition for peace. The Pakistani prime minister, who took over the PoK, said India should end its military siege in Kashmir and give the Kashmiri people the right to self-determination. Imran Khan said: “We are ready for peace, but India will have to end its military siege against Kashmir and the Kashmiri people should be granted the right to self-determination in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council of the ‘UN”. Imran Khan said that this subcontinent needs peace the most because it needs prosperity the most. “India besieged the Kashmir army” Imran Khan said after becoming Prime Minister in 2018, I offered peace to India. At the same time, Indian leaders said that if they took one step towards peace, Pakistan would take two steps. Imran Khan alleged that instead of moving towards peace, India seized Kashmir and entered a new phase of injustice. He said India had besieged the Kashmir army. The Pakistani Prime Minister said: “I will continue to remind the world even more of the injustice done to the Kashmiri people.” Imran, now fueled by the killing of Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir, now faces trumped-up charges. They claimed to have found a collective colony in Kashmir. He also alleged that India was spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

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