Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advisor Zulfi Bukhari traveled to Israel to meet with Mossad leader

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Imran Khan, who boasted of not having any relations with Israel, has now been exposed. Zulfi Bukhari, special adviser to Pakistani prime minister, visited Israel, during which Bukhari met with head of Israeli intelligence agency MossadIslamabad
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who taunted the whole world, including Muslim countries, for not having relations with Israel, has now been exposed. According to Israeli media, Zulfi Bukhari, special adviser to the Pakistani prime minister, visited Israel in November last year. During this time, Bukhari met with the head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

The Israeli newspaper Hayom had reported on the meeting between Imran’s adviser and the Mossad leader, but Pakistan’s name was deleted under pressure from the Israeli army. Hayom said the meeting between the two officials came at a time when Arab countries were normalizing their relations with Israel. Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan also gave their approval to the relationship after the UAE first re-established diplomatic ties with Israel.
America puts too much pressure on Pakistan to recognize Israel: Imran Khan
The possibility of an earthquake in Pakistani politics has intensified
After this revelation, the possibility of an earthquake in Pakistani politics intensified. It is believed that during the meeting between Bukhari and the Mossad leader, there was a discussion about recognizing Israel. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had previously claimed that his government was under pressure to recognize Israel, but Islamabad would never establish links with “Zionists”.

Imran Khan said that after Arab countries including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain recognize Israel, Islamabad is also urged to recognize Israel, which his government has rejected for the time being. Imran Khan said Israel will not be recognized until the decades-old Palestinian issue is resolved. He made it clear that he had no “hesitation” about recognizing Israel. “I have no hesitation in recognizing Israel, as long as the Palestinians are not satisfied,” he said.

Jinnah refused to recognize Israel
Imran Khan reiterated that Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, refused to recognize Israel. He said Islamabad would follow in Jinnah’s footsteps and continue to support Palestine. He said that Israel has a strong influence in the United States and that other countries are pushing for it to recognize Israel. He said the pressure is due to Israel’s deep influence in the United States.

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