Pakistani Senate polling stations Spy cameras: Imran government spying on Pakistani MPs’ vote, there is heckling over intelligence camera – Pakistan spy cameras in voting booth sparks outrage before general election of the Senate

Pakistan’s senatorial elections do not take the name of political unrest. However, an embarrassing incident was observed during the election of the President of the Senate. The intelligence camera was found as the Pakistani MP was about to vote for the Senate Speaker and Deputy Speaker. This also when the voting process had to be done in a confidential manner.

Pakistani opposition parties alleged that intelligence cameras were installed inside the voting booth for espionage. Earlier, Senator Musadik Malik of the opposition PML-N and Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar of the PPP claimed that an intelligence camera had been installed inside the voting booth. Not only that, he also presented evidence in this regard on Twitter before the start of the vote.

Mussadik Malik said: “What a ridiculous joke. A secret camera is installed inside the Senate voting booth. He also tweeted a photo from the camera. The PPP senator said he and the head of the PML had “found an intelligence camera just above the voting booth.” After posting the camera photo, these leaders spoke at a press conference at the start of Senate proceedings.

After that, there was a lot of uproar inside the House and opposition parties launched Shem, Shem slogans. PPP chief Raza Rubani said it was a violation of article 226 of the constitution. Opposition parties demanded that she be investigated by whom the Senate controlled. Following this protest, the election official ordered the replacement of the voting booth. This camera is believed to have been installed at the behest of the Pakistani prime minister, stunned by the vote of several deputies from Imran’s party in favor of Bilawal’s PPP party leader Yusuf Raza Gilani.

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