Pakistani soldiers killed in Baluchistan: Pakistan Five Frontier Corps soldiers killed in two attacks in Baluchistan: 5 shots in Baluchistan

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Five Pakistani soldiers died in two attacks in Pakistan’s Balochistan province
Unidentified gunmen indiscriminately fired at a security checkpoint in Pakistan’s troubled Balochistan province, killing four paramilitary personnel. Sources gave information about this on Friday. Sources said the attack took place in the Kahan area of ​​Kohlu district on Thursday. A soldier was killed and two others wounded in a bomb attack in the western bypass area of ​​Balochistan.

Sources said the gunmen attacked Zaman Khan’s investigation post, resulting in the deaths of four Frontier Corps members. He said a soldier was injured in this incident. The other incident occurred in the bypass area where one soldier was killed and two others were injured in a remote bombing. The bomb was placed on a motorcycle.
20 soldiers killed in terrorist attack, who are the ones who inflicted such a huge wound on the Pakistani army?
According to Dawn’s report, the bombs were placed by the rebels near the car of the paramilitary forces. All the injured were admitted to hospital. Earlier in October last year, militants attacked a convoy of Pakistani oil and gas workers under the protection of Pakistani paramilitary forces, in which 14 soldiers were killed.

There have been attacks before too
Pakistani officials said seven employees of the Pakistani oil and gas development company were killed in the attack by militants. Apart from this, 6 Pakistan Frontier Corps soldiers guarding the convoy also died. There have been large-scale attacks on security forces in this area before. On Thursday, terrorists targeted another military convoy in North Waziristan. Six soldiers, including a Pakistani army officer, were killed in this attack. The military said in a statement that militants targeted the military convoy through IEDs near the Rajmak region in North Waziristan.
Pakistani army shocked, 4 soldiers killed in rebel attack in southern Waziristan
Who is the Balochistan Liberation Front
The Balochistan Liberation Army began in the 1970s during the reign of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. At that time, this small terrorist organization had tormented the Pakistani army in the region of Balochistan. When the military dictator Ziaul Haq came to power in Pakistan, he negotiated with the Baloch leaders and concluded an undisclosed ceasefire with this organization. This organization consists mainly of two tribes from Pakistan, the fighters Miri and Bugti.

Baluch anger fueled by Pervez Musharraf’s mandate
Since then, the Balochistan Liberation Army has not committed any major incidents for a long time. But, when Nawab Miri, of the justice of the High Court of Balochistan, was killed around 2000, when Pervez Musharraf took power in Pakistan. The Pakistani army arrested Baloch leader Khair Baksh Miri in this case at the request of the government. The Baloch Liberation Army has since resumed operations.

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