Pakistani Tiktoker Shahzad Ahmed commits suicide after rejection of marriage proposal: girl rejects marriage proposal, Pakistani Tiktok star commits suicide

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A Pakistani Tiktok star from the city of Peshawar committed suicide. Her name is Shahzad Ahmed and sent a marriage proposal to a girl. Thana’s daughter rejected the offer and due to which she took this action.
A Pakistani Tittock star from the city of Peshawar committed suicide. His name is Shahzad Ahmed and he was 20 years old. Shehzad sent a marriage proposal to one of his female fans, which he accepted due to rejection. This was stated in the media report.

The Express Tribune said Thursday that the number of Shahzad followers in Tittock was over one million. He has tried to kill himself before, but he was saved. Shehzad’s brother Sajjat ​​said in his complaint: “Shehzad was in love with a girl, but her father refused the repeated marriage proposals, which made Shahzad very upset and ultimately committed suicide.”
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A friend of Shehzad told The Express Tribune: ‘Two years ago a girl approached her claiming to be a fan of Shehzad. Little by little, this relationship of friendship turned into love. But the girl is only 16 years old and is studying at school. Shehzad also proposed to the girl, but she was turned down due to the girl’s age.

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