Pakistan’s new atomic bomb ‘factory’ exposed to satellite imagery – satellite photos reveal suspected nuclear weapons installation at Chashma plutonium separation facility in Pakistan

Pakistan is increasing its nuclear force amid continuing tension from India. Satellite photographs have revealed that Pakistan has significantly expanded the plutonium separation center to make nuclear bombs at its Chashma nuclear power plant. The Pakistani government started its nuclear power plant development program in a very stealthy midst of 2018. Recently, satellite images from Maxar Technology revealed that the program was completed in September 2020. (Photos – Maxar Technologies)

Pakistan remains a plutonium separation center to build a nuclear bomb

In its report, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), which monitors the nuclear program around the world, said that the plutonium reprocessing plant at the Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan had not been identified. only in 2007. However, in 2015, Pakistan was able to start this nuclear power plant. A large amount of plutonium is being assembled at the Chashma Extension Plant to make the atomic bomb. (Photos – Maxar Technologies)

Pakistan developed nuclear power plant with help from China

The Chashma nuclear power plant was commissioned by Pakistan in 1972 with assistance from Canada. The plant has four operational 300 MW pressurized water reactors. Of which 2, 3 and 4 were launched with the help of China. Today Pakistan manufactures huge amounts of plutonium in this factory. Which can be used to make nuclear bombs in the future. Explain that the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority oversees this center.

Where is the Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan

The Chashma nuclear power plant is located in the Mianwali district, about 250 km from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. The factory is an example of increased nuclear weapons and energy cooperation between Pakistan and China. Pakistan has struggled with a severe electricity shortage for some time. Therefore, Pakistan is also planning to generate a large amount of electricity using these reactors. Pakistan wants to depend on nuclear power plants for its energy needs because it has limited resources to generate power from hydropower.

The two Indo-Pak nuclear bombs are very powerful

Today the world has several times as many nuclear bombs. In such a situation, the imagination of nuclear war trembles. India and Pakistan have missiles carrying nuclear weapons. The peculiarity is that the two countries have developed missiles capable of attacking to the last corner of each other. India also has a 5,000 km missile, which has the capacity to attack outside of Pakistan. Pakistan also has missiles carrying nuclear weapons, which can reach 2,750 kilometers.

China and Pakistan have more atomic bombs than India

According to SIPRI, China has twice as many nuclear weapons as India, while Pakistan has 160. India has 150 nuclear weapons. China has increased 30 nuclear weapons in the past year, while India has 10 atomic bombs. Even though China and Pakistan have more nuclear weapons than India, New Delhi is confident in its nuclear weapons capability. Not only that, India is constantly improving its nuclear weapons. The atomic force of India from ground to air is extremely strong.

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