Pakistan’s response to the United States on Pakistan’s punishment for the attack on Mumbai: Pakistan against Zambian Ur Rahman Lakhvi

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Pakistani US Commentary on Mumbai Attack, Supported by Pakistan’s Urgent Need to Secure Your Rehman Lakhvi Responsibility, Pakistan Corrects Delay in India’s Headbutt Process, Our Skills law enforcement, focus on India and the United States Islamabad
Stung by American comments on Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi, the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attack, Pakistan has pulled its footing on India. Pakistan said its law and order were “effective” and called on the United States to express its concern over “terrorism committed by India”.

America commented
In fact, a Pakistani counterterrorism court on Friday sentenced Lakhvi, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack, to 5 years in prison. In this regard, the US Home Office said that Lakhvi’s crimes are more than terrorist financing and that Pakistan should decide on its responsibility in other terrorist attacks, including the attack on Mumbai.

Lakhvi’s punishment: ‘Gadgad’ speaks in US and Pakistan – blame Mumbai attack

‘Our skills in law and order’
In this regard, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry issued a statement – “fully follows its international laws and responsibilities.” The due process investigation, prosecution and subsequent sentencing show the effectiveness of law and order in Pakistan, which operates independently without any outside pressure or influence.

Pakistan: mastermind of Lashkar Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi sentenced to 5 years in prison for mastermind of Mumbai attack

Boil on India
The statement added that in attacking India, the legal process in the Mumbai case came to a halt as the Indian side did not send the witness for cross-examination by the Pakistani court. The Home Office should focus its concerns on India’s terrorist activities, for which evidence has already been provided.

“Pretending to avoid the FATF”
India criticized Pakistan on Friday after Lakhvi was sentenced to jail by a Pakistani court on terrorist financing charges, saying it had become commonplace for Pakistan to “hold a grudge” ahead of important international meetings. India said these steps make it clear that Pakistan wants to show itself in action ahead of the FATF plenary meeting in February 2021 and the Asia Pacific Joint Group (APJG) meeting.

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