Paloma Ramrez Daz-Monis, new Human Resources Director of Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions, a specialist company and leader in conversational artificial intelligence, has appointed Paloma Ramrez Diaz-Monis as the new Chief People Officer and new member of the company’s board of directors. Effective today, Paloma will step down from his current role as Head of Human Resources and Organization to lead this area. The company also today announced the election of another woman, Vesna Lindkvist, as a new member of its board of directors.

Paloma Ramrez Daz-Monis joined the Artificial Solutions team three years ago and has since led several high impact human resources initiatives that have fueled innovation and business growth.

“I am very happy to welcome Paloma to the management team where we look forward to having his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Paloma was instrumental in repositioning Artificial Solutions as we now go to market as a pure SaaS and technology provider. , which will allow our network of partners to build conversational AI solutions on Microsoft Azure faster and spend less time maintaining them. Establishing this role at the leadership level is an important step to further accelerate synergies and develop artificial solutions. “said Per Ottosson, CEO of the company.

Artificial Solutions grew last year, increasing the number of women in leadership positions to 45%. Currently, 37% of Artificial Solutions employees are women. Gender balance is a key part of Artificial Solutions’ approach to diversity and inclusion. It is an integral part of the corporate culture and its values.

Paloma commented, “We believe that a more diverse workforce, with more women at the top, will strengthen our inclusive culture and make Artificial Solutions an even better company. We know that improving gender balance has an impact on outcomes and results. growth, and leads to better decisions, more innovation and greater employee satisfaction. “

With the announced management changes, the group’s management team will be formed from July 2021 by Per Ottosson, Fredrik Trgren, Daniel Eriksson, Andreas Wieweg, Marie Angselius-Schnbeck, Vesna Lindkvist and Paloma Ramrez Daz-Monis.

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