Pandemic continues to decline after weekend with fewer coronavirus deaths and infections since summer

Posted: Monday June 07, 2021 7:08 PM

The Ministry of Health has recorded 9,536 new cases of coronavirus and 40 additional deaths since last Friday, which adds to the official figures which reflect the evolution of the pandemic. Of the total number of infections recorded since, 871 correspond to those notified on the last day.

It should be noted that territories such as the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castile and León, Ceuta, C. Valenciana, Extremadura, Melilla and Murcia have not reported any accumulated deaths since Friday.

The Cumulative Incidence (AI) stands at 115.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days, two points lower than those observed last Friday. As underlined by the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CAES), Fernando Simón, this decline “continues to be slow but continues to hold”. Although there are clear differences between regions and between age groups, due to vaccination.

In contrast, the occupancy rate of intensive care beds used by patients with coronavirus “is falling faster than in previous weeks” and stands at 11.8%. While COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals are reduced to 3.3% of total hospitalizations. However, the Health spokesperson pointed out that there are still very big differences between the autonomous communities, with the Community of Madrid exceeding 25% of intensive care occupancy, which puts it in extreme danger.

In addition, Fernando Simón stressed that during this weekend, several stages of the vaccination were taken. On the one hand, it was the weekend when more people were vaccinated, with over a million doses administered (more precisely, 1,255,000 vaccines). And on the other hand, that we already have over eleven million people with the full diet and over 30 million with at least one dose. “The immunization data is going to get us out of there and come back to a life more similar to the one we had,” said the director of CAES.

Since the start of the pandemic, in Spain, 80,236 people have died from the coronavirus and a total of 3,707,523 have been infected with the disease and have been confirmed by PCR testing.

Spain opens up to tourism

With the improvement of the data in favor, Spain now allows the entry of vaccinated tourists thanks to the COVID-19 certificate. This is a pilot test that the Executive has launched and which offers the vaccinated population the opportunity to move around Europe without inconvenience.

Until July 1, it will not be launched across the EU, but in Spain, it is already helping to encourage tourism during this month of June when temperatures are typical of summer.

Of course, the European Commission reminded Spain that it is mandatory to require a negative PCR for travelers from outside the European Union who go to Europe.

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