pandemic is “at a dangerous time” and “extreme care” must be exercised with restrictions

Updated: Thursday 08 July 2021 08:22

Posted: 08.07.2021 08:21

The World Health Organization calls for caution after surpassing four million deaths worldwide. Urge that restrictions be lifted with “extreme care”. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reiterated his concern at the increase in infections in many parts of the world.

This figure of four million, he said at a press conference, “is surely a lower estimate than the real number” of deaths in a pandemic which “is at a dangerous time”, he said. .

Regarding countries with a high vaccination rate which “plan to put in boosters in the coming months and to relax certain preventive measures”, Tedros considers that it is risky to be confident and to lift the restrictions too quickly.

“The variants must be reduced to achieve an economic recovery.” WHO has observed that with the rapid progression of mutations in the virus and inequalities in immunization between countries, there are acute outbreaks of infections and hospitalizations.

In turn, WHO’s director of health emergencies, Mike Ryan, has called on governments around the world to “be very careful” and “not lose the gains they have made and reopen very carefully”. Especially on the situation in Europe, the expert from the international health organization hopes that “hospitals will no longer be overwhelmed” and urged “to act with extreme caution when lifting all restrictions, because he there will be consequences “.

According to updated figures from the WHO, 4,011,889 deaths from the coronavirus have accumulated worldwide as of Wednesday, as well as more than 185,500,000 infections. It was also confirmed that there was a “sharp increase” of 30% of cases in the 53 territories of the WHO’s European division, while Africa recorded a 23% increase in death rates.

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