Paquita, 106, from Coruña, overcomes asymptomatic COVID-19: "2020 was not bad for me"

That of Paquita Salguero is one of the most moving stories of the pandemic. At 106, this old woman from La Coruña has planted against COVID-19 and won, optimistically and “asymptomatically”, without associated complications.

“I’m here. Hoping next year will be better than this, although for me it wasn’t bad,” he said in a conversation with Efe. A chat on WhatsApp, a tool that it uses with ease.

This woman was born on May 7, 1914; She is on the threshold of 107 years and her health is so perfect that even a positive CRP could not destroy her vitality, as she herself admits.

Once the infection was conquered “almost without realizing it”, this centenary, who lives opposite the port of La Coruña, decided to take the grapes with her nephews and toast at the start of a new year. .

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