Parclick bridges the gender gap in leadership positions

On March 8, one of the most important dates in our calendar will be celebrated: International Women’s Day. To commemorate this day, Parclick, the benchmark website in Spain for online parking reservations that connects more than a million drivers with parking spaces in 8 European countries, wants to promote support for gender equality policies. gender, as well as age and multiculturalism, in 50% of female managers, with key roles in different areas of the company.

Even belonging to the tech sector, where women were historically less present, Parclick is an example that gender equality is the key to success. Proof of this is that of its 45 employees, 20 are women, reaching nearly 45% female representation.

These 20 women occupy an important place in every area of ​​the company, from operational tasks to leadership. Thus, of the 14 executives of the company, 50% are women leading the fields of marketing, referencing, product and commercial development, as well as the company in different European countries, such as Spain, France and Italy.

The company, a pioneer in the digitization of parking, stands out for its constantly evolving DNA, offering its employees equal opportunities, by gender, age or nationality: “We are proud to be part of the Parclick family, because is the value of this company talent and diversity, broadly defined. We are at the forefront on issues of work flexibility, gender parity and equal treatment, fundamental aspects of our daily life and which are part of our DNA. At Parclick, gender, culture, nationality or sexual orientation do not matter, we all work with the same goal: to offer an intuitive, efficient and intelligent service, to make the daily life of the drivers easier ”, adds Natalia Gonzlez, Managing Director of Parclick in Spain.

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