pardons “are not a solution” and insist on amnesty and self-determination


Updated: Monday, June 21, 2021 2:08 PM

Published: 06/21/2021 2:06 PM

The Catalan independence movement has orchestrated a new offensive against the Spanish government because of the pardons granted to the prisoners in the trial that the Council of Ministers intends to approve on Tuesday. Pedro Sánchez held a conference at Liceo Barcelona which was not attended by representatives of the Generalitat and which was the protagonist of a demonstration outside the compound demanding amnesty, freedom and self-determination .

For their part, the independence leaders simultaneously called different acts in which they denounced that, according to them, the measure of grace does not solve anything. The President of the Generalitat expressed himself in these terms. In a speech from Tarragona, Father Aragonès underlined that politicians sentenced to between nine and twelve years in prison for offenses of sedition, rebellion or embezzlement are “political prisoners”. Thus, although he considers that with the decision to make effective the pardons “an unjust sentence of the Supreme Court is corrected”, he considers that “this proposal does not bring any solution”: “The pardons do not bring solution to the cause.

“The proposal that we are defending from the Catalan government is amnesty,” insisted Aragonès, who also demanded “the right to self-determination of Catalonia with a referendum”. The rest of the pro-independence parties also agreed on this line of thinking. “They are trying to make sure that they are a real solution and that they are a sham,” denounced Elsa Artadi, MP for Junts per Catalunya, who clarified that pardons “cannot be a solution to the political conflict. “.

In this sense, he added, “there is an important part of Catalan society that wishes” to exercise the right to self-determination, but the policy of pardons does not stop with repression. Likewise, Artadi described Sánchez as ‘cynical’, affirms ‘that the judicial life is over’, and clarified: ‘The Liceu is not the stage to make a political proposal, it is the Parliament.’ And he reiterated that, if the Prime Minister has a proposal, he presents it in Parliament “if he has the courage:” That he tries to convince if he wants to listen to Catalan society and not mount acts pure marketing. “

While Sánchez goes to Catalonia to announce the pardons, the independence movement comes out to say that pardons are not the solution “

MP JxCAT also asked the chief executive to explain “why he has done nothing in three years to get out” the prisoners from the trial, specifying that “it is curious that he publishes the date” on Tuesday , alluding to European pressures: “Respect the Council of Europe report, Euro-Orders must be withdrawn and widespread repression must end.” In any case, as he continued, the granting of pardons “will not change” the strategy or the positioning of his formation.

At the same time, but from Madrid, the CUP has expressed itself. “While Sánchez goes to Catalonia to announce the pardons, the independence movement comes out to say that pardons are not the solution,” said Mireia Vehí, MP for the independence party, ensuring that this supposes “a unitary photo that says to Sánchez that amnesty is necessary, because pardons solve nothing. ” In this sense, he added: “The PSOE believes that pardons are the solution and in Catalonia there are more than 3,000 reprisals.”

Likewise, ERC spokesperson Marta Vilalta said she also believes that “the solution to ending this crackdown is amnesty,” insisting that “there is people who suffer repression simply because they are separatists “. Like the rest of the leaders of the separatist formations, Vilalta considered that “the only democratic way is to be able to exercise the right to self-determination”, seeing it “as a means of putting an end to this political persecution”.

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