“Pardons are not enough, Sánchez must speak clearly about the territorial problem”

Posted: Sunday May 30 2021 11:16 AM

PNV President Andoni Ortuzar said “forgiveness is not enough to repair the mistakes the state has made in Catalonia” and that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez “must speak clearly about the territorial problem”.

In an interview with El Correo, Ortuzar felt that forgiving Catalan politicians “is a step in the right direction, the opposition and the published opinion more or less like it” and Sánchez “should do some pedagogy and start to speak with some clarity about the problem that the Spanish state has with its territorial model ”.

“If the Spaniards aspire” that the Catalans and the Basques “continue to be part of the Spanish state, they will have to create the conditions for there to be a comfort clause so that we can share a state; we will never share a nation, but a model of state “, reflected the leader of this formation. Ortuzar insisted on the fact that Sánchez” must sit at the table of dialogue “with the Catalan institutions and give” a chance “to this forum, in which the Catalans will raise” their aspirations and we will do the same when the time comes for our status “.

The PNV wants to reactivate this next autumn the presentation of the autonomy of the Basque Parliament in order to be able to present the new Basque statute in this legislature.

In addition, he considered “a serious problem” that the Spanish judiciary “is unreliable or neutral” and that it “acts as a counter-power to maintain a centralized state model”. “There is not a single legal reasoning in the position of the Supreme Court, it is a political approach” and with it the magistrates of this court “have lost their legitimacy”, he reproached.

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