Paris Fashion Week: Corona’s impact on Paris Fashion Week, no entry for viewers, will take place online – Paris Fashion Week 2021 goes fully digital, no entry for guests and viewers

France, which is suffering from the ravages of the Corona virus, has made a big decision regarding the famous Paris Fashion Week. Eliminating speculation about Paris Fashion Week to be held this month, the fashion regulator in France said a men’s fashion show will be held in Paris, but without public participation.

The program will be broadcast digitally
The Haute Couture Federation said that due to the direction of the police, this time, tailors will not be allowed to invite guests. In a statement to the news agency on Monday, the federation said we are confirming that there will be no public participation at the Paris Fashion Week event. Companies offering the lockdown can digitally broadcast the fashion show.

There is a ban on public events in Paris
The lockdown is not enforced in Paris but there are some restrictions on movement nationwide. A six-month prison sentence has also been foreseen for non-compliance with the applicable rules due to infection with the Corona virus. The second lockout in France ended on December 15, but restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters and museums remained closed.

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