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Jun 5, 2018 at 4:02 PM

Cryptocurrencies are transforming the world like never before. And if you still think that bitcoin, ether or ripple are a new story, wait until you know what companies are doing with the technology that triggers some of them. The force behind bitcoin—blockchain technology is making waves among startups and blockchain technology companies alike. Top blockchain developers are changing the rules of the game and the use of the technology has gone beyond just ICO, ICO marketing and ICO development.

10 Companies with Blockchain Technology to Watch for in 2018-BCFocus

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Let’s see some of the startups and established blockchain technology companies that are making a clever buck with Blockchain!

  1. ixo Foundation

ixo Foundation is a startup that introduced the concept of tokenizing charitable contributions. In simpler words, they introduced a blockchain product that allows people to record their charitable deeds, activities and social jobs and contributions by logging in. These people could be individuals or organisations, corporates, etc. These entries are called impact claims which are stored in their Global Impact Ledger, which is a secure way to see how your cause has helped the world.

The claims are verified before they are stored as credits.

You can rack up your credits if your cause leaves a positive impact on the world. You can trade these credits for subsidies, funding in the Decentralized Impact Exchange, etc.

  1. Bloom

The company works like an identity protocol for blockchain tech. Their technology serves traditional and digital currency lenders help people without a bank account. The idea is to keep the credit flow across boundaries flowing, which is quite a challenge today, due to various regulations.

If you cannot transfer your credit history to your new home country, Bloom helps you. They are breaking the barriers and trying to connect the world with verified identities rather than just relying on a social security number.

  1. Gem

The company has designed GemOS using the scaleable blockchain platform to bring companies together and share valuable information. They are changing the way the world looks at cryptocurrency.

They bring crypto enthusiasts together and manage their digital assets. They provide you with a single entry point for tracking all kinds of crypto investments and a universal secure wallet. They connect businessmen with a larger community of people using cryptocurrency. They have built blockchain and wallet technology for various big names and startups.

  1. Shopin

Following the amazon.com model, Shopin is recreating the entire eCommerce concept with a new thing in mind. It is bringing together online retailers to put together what is called “distributed Amazon”. Each customer gets a unique universal shopper profile which accesses history from all participating retailers. This is how product recommendations are received. So, basically, for retailers, Shopin works perfectly. The participating retailers can use the users’ shopping history.

If numbers are to be believed, Shopin has already generated more than $14 million for its retailers.

  1.  Storj

This is the first blockchain tech company in the business use blockchain technology for securing your files. This is the world’s cheapest and safest cloud we are talking about. It uses cryptocurrency and blockchains to do this. Storj (pronounced as storage) is a decentralised encrypted cloud storage mechanism that keeps all your data safe. It does not have its own data centre but encourages users to sell their unused storage space on the hard drive.

People rarely use all of their hard drive’s capacity. Storj asks users to create an unlimited cloud storage at dirt cheap rates. What happens to your files? They are shredded to pieces called shards which are then stored in a decentralized network of computers.

No one but you has a complete copy of your file not even in an encrypted form. It is basically a cloud share used by a common community. At the heart of it, it provides users with a secure and encrypted cloud storage platform which is also decentralised.

  1. Human IQ

Now here’s a company that works more like a humanitarian startup, using the Blockchain technology to empower people around the world. HumanIQ uses the blockchain technology for the populations of the world who do not have a bank account, we are talking more than 2 million people. They want to help world’s emerging economies by giving the unbanked population in these countries access to banking services by creating financial services on Ethereum platform which is an open platform that uses a shared API that integrates with new startups and services, from existing companies. It uses a free app to allow people to send, receive and request funds.

10 Companies with Blockchain Technology to Watch for in 2018-BCFocus

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  1. Coinlancer

This company is good news for all the freelancers around the world who are using traditional freelancing techniques. The startup has created a decentralized job market on Ethereum platform. This will empower clients and freelancers around the world.

Coinlancer is leveraging blockchain technology by improving the process of freelancing and helping freelancers operate in a secure place. They are taking the problems of unaddressed or unexplained account suspensions seriously and changing the way it works. Founded in 2017, Coinlancer is changing how freelancers interact with clients.

  1. OpenBazaar

Founded by Samuel Patterson with three other partners, OpenBazaar entered the blockchain business in 2015 and are on top of the game now. The decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace is acing the online trade game. They are basically making the trade of bitcoin faster, smoother. They are a new brand in online trade. You just have to log on to your computer and you can trade with people on their network. This is not owned by any company. It is decentralised so you don’t even have to pay a fee and no censorship resistance. The code is open. You can view it and suggest whatever changes you think it should have.

  1. AuditChain

For auditors and accountants, Auditchain, a blockchain company, is good news. This is the world’s first decentralized audit and real-time accounting ecosystem. It works amazingly well for token statistics. Auditchain has created a real-time reporting system where there is no chance of a fraud. The firm has also founded a non-profit enterprise, DCARPEalliance for auditing, legal and financial reporting.

10 Companies with Blockchain Technology to Watch for in 2018-BCFocus

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  1. JoyToken

This is a system that uses the blockchain protocol to create an interesting gaming ecosystem. The idea is to use smart contracts to reward developers to create new games and also record and audit every transaction. With blockchain info, they want to create better opportunities for entrepreneurs in the gaming world. The idea is to give access to developers to a bigger audience.

10 Companies with Blockchain Technology to Watch for in 2018-BCFocus

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Top blockchain companies are cleverly using the tech which was created to power cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ripple. Keep an eye on what these companies have to offer in the forthcoming months and you’ll be surprised at the change they are making!