How to mine bitcoin for free with Google BigQuery? 6538 Bitcoin Mining
Ashmita Dutta
Apr 18, 2018 at 3:23 PM

The bitcoin or cryptocurrency miners are constantly developing measures to curb the cost of high electricity consumption. This is achieved by setting up mining operations in towns where hydro power is cheap. It also involves the use of Teslas which is the power source. Teslas provides assistance to develop mining rigs. These mining rigs are obscure in nature.

Google has developed BigQuery that functions as a tool for data analysis. BigQuery permits everyone to make an analysis of data up to 1 terabyte. This analysis is conducted every month for free. In a blockchain, new blocks are added at an interval of 10 minutes.

The new block comprises two types of data. Firstly, the header that comprises data of 80 bytes and secondly, bitcoin transaction list. In this, the number allocating four byte is known as nonce. A nonce is found by using ASICs, a customised chip in computer. ASICs reach its optimizing level by running the algorithm of bitcoin hashing. This has to be conducted quite fast.

The massive datasets are analysed by BigQuery. Google’s BigQuery is a tool which is based on cloud computing. The mechanism of BigQuery involves uploading of the dataset to the server of Google. Thereafter, the user is free to run commands of SQL. The language that is used for the manipulation of datasets along with its searching procedure is called the SQL language of programming.

BigQuery is a manageable data platform. It is scalable which implies that one can carry out enquiry on heaps of data. The process of querying data in BigQuery is very fast. BigQuery facilitates the verification of bitcoin hashes by encoding the block’s header. The hex is converted into binary by utising the SHA-256 function. The amount charged by BigQuery is for the generation of huge data. The data is obtained by making use of tables. In BigQuery, the analysis is done even for zero bytes for every hash. This signifies that the mining procedure in BigQuery is free from all charges.