Which coins are to be mined in the upcoming days? 6535
Ashmita Dutta
Apr 18, 2018 at 1:56 PM

Over the past few years, Bitcoins have reached its zenith in the transaction of digital assets. The performance of bitcoin in the digital market has exceeded the value of gold, real estate or stock market. The popularity of bitcoin can be countered by few more cryptocurrencies in the near future.

  • Ethereum is the next big name. It has the maximum potential among all the cryptocurrencies. Since the potential of ethereum is high, hence it tops the list of the cryptocurrencies to undergo maximum mining. The remarkable growth that this digital coin has shown is 1000% growth over a short span of time.
  • In the near future, Factom would profusely grow in the digital market. This electronic currency facilitates the creation of immutable database by the companies. The scope for Factom to dominate the market is huge.
  • Gradually, the sluggish adoption rate of bitcoin is creating space for Ripple to emerge in the digital market. It has also entered into the banking sector to facilitate digital transaction.