Which one to opt for- GPU mining rig or ASIC miners? 6535
Ashmita Dutta
Apr 18, 2018 at 2:06 PM

In the mining of bitcoins, GPU and ASICs have their own sets of benefits. However, in certain parameters, ASICs subdue the benefits of GPUs. Nevertheless, GPUs have the advantage of flexibility in coin option. It is also characterised by its profitable resale value and warranty period. It serves multipurpose roles and consumes less electricity. On the contrary, ASICs possess compact form factor and high investment rate. It is cheaper than GPUs and is also user-friendly. However, GPUs lag behind the ASICs since they are inferior in the mining perspective. ASIC resistant coins are recommended to be involved in the mining process. This needs to be assisted by GPU Mining Rig. The competition with ASIC bears no significance due to the less chances of profitability.