Pedro Sánchez: “The most urgent thing is to relocate those who are at risk of losing their home or who have lost everything”

Fourth visit of the President of the Government of Spain to La Palma since the volcano erupted last 19 September . Pedro Sánchez highlighted this Wednesday at a press conference that both the Presiding Executive and the Canary Islands, the Cabildo de La Palma and the municipalities affected “are working against the clock” so that “the palm trees and palm trees have the greatest of certainties.” “Beyond ideological discrepancies”, he explained at Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz de La Palma, “we all have a common goal, which is to safeguard lives, , rehousing people and tackling the task of reconstruction ”. And he has sentenced: “We have a lot of work ahead of us. The activity of the volcano does not stop and it does not seem that over the next few days we will see a reduction ”. In the same sense, the President of the Canary Islands Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, has pronounced: “We are at the mercy of this volcano, he will say when it ends.”

And, indeed, the eruption does not give signs of weakening. The spokeswoman for the scientific committee of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan, María José Blanco, explained in a subsequent appearance that the emission of sulfur dioxide currently exceeds the 17. 000 tons per day, and that “for the phenomenon to be considered to be retracting, this figure should lower the 100 tons per day. ”

In its overwhelming path, lava already occupies about 8% of the territory of the island. The lava flows have destroyed 1. 458 buildings on the Canary Island, according to the update published this Wednesday by Copernicus, the Earth observation program of the European Union, which amounts to 656 the hectares of land covered by magma. “I have to ask the palm trees for something very difficult,” Sánchez continued: “Patience, because we can’t do anything until the volcano stops working,” rather than “attend to the most urgent, the most immediate , which is to relocate people who are at risk of losing their home or have already lost everything. ”

The last hours, in any case, have offered relief to the almost 800 residents of the La Laguna neighborhood (Los Llanos de Aridane, who were evacuated this Tuesday). This arm “is losing steam,” explained the spokesman for the Pevolca steering committee, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, “in relation to the one that is further south, which is moving about 50 meters per hour and it is the one with the greatest push ”. “We hope it can stop,” Morcuende declared, “but it is only a hypothesis.”

While the lava stops flowing or not, Sánchez has listed the different help lines that Administrations have deployed to alleviate the effects of the crisis. First of all, he recalled the 10 million euros approved for the urgent purchase of homes and essential goods. Second, declare the island as a Zone Seriously Affected by a Civil Protection Emergency (former catastrophic zone), and finally, a comprehensive aid plan approved by royal decree, endowed by 214 million euros.

The president of the Canary Islands has announced for his part that the regional Executive has set this Wednesday the scale criteria to award victims the first 18 homes, and explained that next week they will proceed to the purchase of other 45 and, in addition, they will work on modular options in different locations on the island. “The urgent housing crisis is resolved,” Torres announced. “We are doing in a few days what normally takes months.”


The Pevolca spokesman explained in his appearance Later, the total number of evicted people currently stands at about 6. 400. Of them, 280 have required relocation in the hotel that the Government of the Canary Islands has arranged in the municipality of Fuencaliente.

The quality of the Air, meanwhile, is “reasonably good” and the airport is not only operating normally, but it is expected that the east wind that will send the ash from the volcano to the west will facilitate takeoffs and landings during the next four days

El Pevolca, in any case, wanted, one more day, to convey a message of tranquility. “The island is safe, it has practically no problems, apart from those derived from the eruption.” “Life passes normally,” he has sentenced.

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