pegasus india: millions of people sleep well and walk safely thanks to technologies like Pegasus, according to NSO Gropu

Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group, which has been accused of spying in many countries around the world, has hit back and declared itself innocent. NSO Group said that because of technology like Pegasus, millions of people around the world can sleep peacefully at night. The group said that only through these techniques are intelligence and law enforcement agencies able to keep people safe.

Company complaints – they do not have access to customer data
The company also said it does not operate the technology and does not have access to data collected by its customers. The company said that along with many other cyber intelligence companies around the world, NSO provides cybersecurity tools to governments as law enforcement agencies lack robust regulatory systems and solutions to monitor content. suspicious on messaging and social media. .

NSO group surrounded by allegations of espionage in multiple countries
The alleged use of the Pegasus software to spy on journalists, human rights activists, politicians and others in several countries, including India, has raised concerns over privacy concerns. According to the International Media Association, politicians, human rights activists and journalists, among others, have been targeted with spyware sold by the Israeli company to various governments.

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Company quote – With such technologies, the world can sleep peacefully
An ONS spokesperson claimed that it is thanks to Pegasus and other such technologies that millions of people around the world can sleep peacefully at night and get out on the streets safely. With such technology, intelligence and law enforcement agencies are able to prevent crime and terrorist incidents by detecting the information hidden under the encrypted application.

The company gave this argument as a clarification
We are doing our best to help create a safer world, he said. When this issue first appeared in India regarding the misuse of software, NSO in a written response in October 2019 said that the contract prohibited the use of our product except for serious breaches and prevention. terrorism.

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NSO Group has already dismissed espionage allegations
The company had said that if we discovered any misuse (of the software), we would take action. This technology is rooted in the protection of human rights. This includes the right to life, security and integrity. We have sought to adhere to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Trade and Human Rights to ensure that our products respect all basic human rights. The company said this trend continues to this day.

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Refusal to confirm or deny the sale of software in India
Without confirming or denying that the software was sold to India, the company stated that its products are licensed to intelligence and law enforcement agencies for the sole purpose of preventing and investigating terrorism and serious crimes. Amid the latest controversy, Israel has set up a committee to examine NSO Group’s allegations of misuse of surveillance software and has indicated a review of the entire licensing issue.

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